Protect Specific Folders From Dynamik Auto-Updates

When performing a Dynamik auto-update the entire /wp-content/themes/dynamik-gen/ folder is replaced by the updated version, deleting any custom files inside. This is why you'll also find a /dynamik-gen/ folder inside your /wp-content/uploads/ directory where most of your customized files are located, safe from this auto-update process.

There are instances, however, where certain folders are necessarily placed inside the /wp-content/themes/dynamik-gen/ directory. For example, certain Plugins may provide a template or resource folder that needs to be placed in the root of the theme folder to function properly. In such cases these folders would be wiped out upon the next auto-update, where you'd have to remember to manually replace them after the update process completed.

To solve this less than ideal scenario and just to make it so you can add custom folders to the root of your Dynamik theme folder, we've included a "Dynamik Protected Folders" feature that allows you to specify any such folders by name, separated by commas, which ensure that they will be properly backed up and restored during this auto-update process.

So, for example, let's say you have a "plugin-templates" folder and a "my-stuff" folder located in your /wp-content/themes/dynamik-gen/ directory. To protect these folders from getting wiped out when you auto-update Dynamik you would just go to Dynamik Settings > General Settings > "Dynamik Protected Folders" and add the following to the text field: plugin-templates,my-stuff

**Notice there are no spaces after the commas.

Then, from that point on and as long as those folder names are included, they will be protected. And if you at some point in the future delete one or both of those folders you would just delete their names in that text field.

Please Note: If you ever edit/add files/folders inside one of your Protected Folders then you'll need to click the "Save Changes" button in your Dynamik Settings admin page to update your Protected Folders backup folder accordingly. Otherwise, upon auto-update, your previously saved/backed up folder will be restored, leaving out your new changes to that folder's contents.