Add Google Fonts

How To Easily Add/Remove Google Fonts From Your Dynamik Font Options

Method #1 (Automatically):

1. Go to the Google Fonts Site and locate the font you want to add.

2. Click the "Quick-use" button.

3. Choose any specific "Styles" and "Character Sets" in steps 1 and 2 on that Google Fonts Quick-use page or just leave the defaults if that will suffice.

4. Copy the entire link code in step 3 on that Google Fonts Quick-use page.

5. Make note of what kind of font it is (i.e.. sans-serif, serif, or cursive).

6. In Dynamik Design > Body > Google Font Control, click the "Google Fonts" button.

7. Paste the Google Font link code into the provided text input field where it says "Link code goes here..."

8. Click the appropriate button that best suits your Google Font (i.e.. sans-serif, serif, or cursive).

9. This should have created your new Google Font [shortcode]. Now click "Save Changes", which will reload your Dynamik Design admin page, loading this new Google Font into your Dynamik Design "Font Type" drop-down menus.

Method #2 (Manually):

Please note that the following steps will show you how to add new Google Fonts "from scratch", but you'll find 154 pre-loaded code snippets at the bottom of this article that may include the fonts you're looking for. So be sure to search through those first as you can then just copy/paste the pre-loaded code snippet into your "Add Google Fonts" box without having to follow the steps below.

And of course you can always use the "Automatic" method described above, which is generally the most efficient way to add new Google Fonts to your Dynamik Design Options.

1. Copy/paste the following into your "Add Google Fonts" textarea:

[Font Name|URL Code|CSS Code]

2. Go to the Google Fonts Site and locate the font you want to add.

3. Click the "Quick-use" button.

4. Copy/paste the Google Font name in place of the "Font Name" text found in the "Add Google Fonts" code above.

5. Choose any specific "Styles" and "Character Sets" in steps 1 and 2 on that Google Fonts Quick-use page or just leave the defaults if that will suffice.

6. Copy/paste the "family=" URL code from the URL in step 3, in place of the "URL Code" text found in the "Add Google Fonts" code above (be sure not to include the single-quote).

7. Copy/paste the "font-family:" CSS code from the URL in step 4, in place of the "CSS Code" text found in the "Add Google Fonts" code above (be sure not to include the semicolon).

8. Click "Save Changes" in your Dynamik Design Options and you will then see your Dynamik Design Options admin page reload automatically, ensuring that your new Google Font is now loaded into the many Font "Type" drop-down menus available in that admin page.

So if "Open Sans" was the Google Font you were adding then your final "Add Google Fonts" code might look something like this:

[Open Sans|Open+Sans|'Open Sans', sans-serif]

Please Note: There are three parts to these code snippets (1. Font Name 2. URL Code 3. CSS Code). The 1st part should always stay the same once added to the "Add Google Fonts" box as this value is associated with the Dynamik Design font "Type" options and changing it will result in having to reselect it in those options. But the 2nd and 3rd part can be edited as needed, adjusting if more or less "Styles" and "Character Sets" are needed. In other words, leave the 1st part alone, tweak the 2nd as needed and you can in fact edit the 3rd part if you like, but it should be unnecessary to do so once the proper CSS code has been added.

154 Pre-Loaded "Add Google Fonts" Code Snippets

The following Google Fonts were the original 154 Google Fonts that were pre-loaded in Dynamik before this "Add Google Fonts" feature was added. So we've made each one available so you can easily copy/paste any one of the following examples without having to perform the above steps.

(For more pre-loaded Google Font code snippets checkout  THIS PAGE)

[Aclonica|Aclonica|'Aclonica', sans-serif]
[Allan|Allan:bold|'Allan', sans-serif]
[Allerta|Allerta|'Allerta', sans-serif]
[Allerta Stencil|Allerta+Stencil|'Allerta Stencil', sans-serif]
[Amaranth|Amaranth:regular,regularitalic,bold,bolditalic|'Amaranth', sans-serif]
[Annie Use Your Telescope|Annie+Use+Your+Telescope|'Annie Use Your Telescope', serif]
[Anonymous Pro|Anonymous+Pro:regular,italic,bold,bolditalic|'Anonymous Pro', sans-serif]
[Anton|Anton|'Anton', sans-serif]
[Architects Daughter|Architects+Daughter|'Architects Daughter', sans-serif]
[Arimo|Arimo:regular,italic,bold,bolditalic|'Arimo', sans-serif]
[Arvo|Arvo:regular,italic,bold,bolditalic|'Arvo', sans-serif]
[Astloch|Astloch:regular,bold|'Astloch', serif]
[Bangers|Bangers|'Bangers', serif]
[Bentham|Bentham|'Bentham', serif]
[Bevan|Bevan|'Bevan', sans-serif]
[Bigshot One|Bigshot+One|'Bigshot One', serif]
[Buda|Buda:light|'Buda', serif]
[Cabin|Cabin:regular,500,600,bold|'Cabin', sans-serif]
[Cabin Sketch|Cabin+Sketch:bold|'Cabin Sketch', sans-serif]
[Calligraffiti|Calligraffiti|'Calligraffiti, cursive, serif]
[Candal|Candal|'Candal', sans-serif]
[Cantarell|Cantarell:regular,italic,bold,bolditalic|'Cantarell', sans-serif]
[Cardo|Cardo|'Cardo', sans-serif]
[Carter One|Carter+One|'Carter One', serif]
[Cherry Cream Soda|Cherry+Cream+Soda|'Cherry Cream Soda', serif]
[Chewy|Chewy|'Chewy, curisve, serif]
[Coda|Coda:800|'Coda', sans-serif]
[Coda Caption|Coda+Caption:800|'Coda Caption', sans-serif]
[Comong Soon|Coming+Soon|'Coming Soon', cursive, serif]
[Copse|Copse|'Copse', serif]
[Corben|Corben:b|'Corben', serif]
[Cousine|Cousine:regular,italic,bold,bolditalic|'Cousine', sans-serif]
[Covered By Your Grace|Covered+By+Your+Grace|'Covered By Your Grace', cursive, serif]
[Crafty Girls|Crafty+Girls|'Crafty Girls', cursive, serif]
[Crimson Text|Crimson+Text:regular,regularitalic,600,600italic,bold,bolditalic|'Crimson Text', serif]
[Crushed|Crushed|'Crushed', sans-serif]
[Cuprum|Cuprum|'Cuprum', sans-serif]
[Damion|Damion|'Damion', serif]
[Dancing Script|Dancing+Script:400,700&v2|'Dancing Script', cursive, serif]
[Dawning of a New Day|Dawning+of+a+New+Day|'Dawning of a New Day', serif]
[Didact Gothic|Didact+Gothic|'Didact Gothic', sans-serif]
[Droid Sans|Droid+Sans:regular,bold|'Droid Sans', sans-serif]
[Droid Sans Mono|Droid+Sans+Mono|'Droid Sans Mono', sans-serif]
[Droid Serif|Droid+Serif:regular,italic,bold,bolditalic|'Droid Serif', serif]
[EB Garamond|EB+Garamond|'EB Garamond', serif]
[Expletus Sans|Expletus+Sans:regular,regularitalic,500,500italic,600,600italic,bold,bolditalic|'Expletus Sans', sans-serif]
[Fontdiner Swanky|Fontdiner+Swanky|'Fontdiner Swanky', cursive, serif]
[Francois One|Francois+One|'Francois One', sans-serif]
[Geo|Geo|'Geo', sans-serif]
[Goudy Bookletter 1911|Goudy+Bookletter+1911|'Goudy Bookletter 1911', serif]
[Gruppo|Gruppo|'Gruppo', sans-serif]
[Holtwood One SC|Holtwood+One+SC|'Holtwood One SC', sans-serif]
[Homemade Apple|Homemade+Apple|'Homemade Apple', cursive, serif]
[IM Fell DW Pica|IM+Fell+DW+Pica:regular,italic|'IM Fell DW Pica', serif]
[IM Fell DW Pica SC|IM+Fell+DW+Pica+SC|'IM Fell DW Pica SC', serif]
[IM Fell Double Pica|IM+Fell+Double+Pica:regular,italic|'IM Fell Double Pica', serif]
[IM Fell Double Pica SC|IM+Fell+Double+Pica+SC|'IM Fell Double Pica SC', serif]
[IM Fell English|IM+Fell+English:regular,italic|'IM Fell English', serif]
[IM Fell English SC|IM+Fell+English+SC|'IM Fell English SC', serif]
[IM Fell French Canon|IM+Fell+French+Canon:regular,italic|'IM Fell French Canon', serif]
[IM Fell French Canon SC|IM+Fell+French+Canon+SC|'IM Fell French Canon SC', serif]
[IM Fell Great Primer|IM+Fell+Great+Primer:regular,italic|'IM Fell Great Primer', serif]
[IM Fell Great Primer SC|IM+Fell+Great+Primer+SC|'IM Fell Great Primer SC', serif]
[Inconsolata|Inconsolata|'Inconsolata', sans-serif]
[Indie Flower|Indie+Flower|'Indie Flower', cursive, sans-serif]
[Irish Grover|Irish+Grover|'Irish Grover', cursive, serif]
[Josefin Sans|Josefin+Sans:100,100italic,light,lightitalic,regular,regularitalic,600,600italic,bold,bolditalic|'Josefin Sans', sans-serif]
[Josefin Slab|Josefin+Slab:100,100italic,light,lightitalic,regular,regularitalic,600,600italic,bold,bolditalic|'Josefin Slab', sans-serif]
[Judson|Judson:regular,regularitalic,bold|'Judson', serif]
[Just Another Hand|Just+Another+Hand|'Just Another Hand', cursive, serif]
[Just Me Again Down Here|Just+Me+Again+Down+Here|'Just Me Again Down Here', cursive, serif]
[Kenia|Kenia|'Kenia', sans-serif]
[Kranky|Kranky|'Kranky', cursive, serif]
[Kreon|Kreon:light,regular,bold|'Kreon', serif]
[Kristi|Kristi|'Kristi', cursive, serif]
[Lato|Lato:100,100italic,light,lightitalic,regular,regularitalic,bold,bolditalic,900,900italic|'Lato', sans-serif]
[League Script|League+Script|'League Script', cursive, serif]
[Lekton|Lekton:regular,italic,bold|'Lekton', sans-serif]
[Lobster|Lobster|'Lobster', cursive, serif]
[Luckiest Guy|Luckiest+Guy|'Luckiest Guy', cursive, serif]
[Maiden Orange|Maiden+Orange|'Maiden Orange', serif]
[Mako|Mako|'Mako', sans-serif]
[Meddon|Meddon|'Meddon', cursive, serif]
[MedievalSharp|MedievalSharp|'MedievalSharp', cursive, serif]
[Megrim|Megrim|'Megrim', serif]
[Merriweather|Merriweather:light,regular,bold,900|'Merriweather', serif]
[Molengo|Molengo|'Molengo', sans-serif]
[Monofett|Monofett|'Monofett', sans-serif]
[Mountains of Christmas|Mountains+of+Christmas|'Mountains of Christmas', cursive, sans-serif]
[Neucha|Neucha|'Neucha', sans-serif]
[Neuton|Neuton:regular,italic|'Neuton', serif]
[News Cycle|News+Cycle|'News Cycle', sans-serif]
[Nova Script|Nova+Script|'Nova Script', serif]
[Nova Oval|Nova+Oval|'Nova Oval', serif]
[Nova Round|Nova+Round|'Nova Round', serif]
[Nova Slim|Nova+Slim|'Nova Slim', serif]
[Nova Flat|Nova+Flat|'Nova Flat', serif]
[Nova Cut|Nova+Cut|'Nova Cut', serif]
[Nova Square|Nova+Square|'Nova Square', serif]
[Nova Mono|Nova+Mono|'Nova Mono', serif]
[Nobile|Nobile:regular,italic,bold,bolditalic|'Nobile, sans-serif]
[OFL Sorts Mill Goudy TT|OFL+Sorts+Mill+Goudy+TT:regular,italic|'OFL Sorts Mill Goudy TT', serif]
[Old Standard TT|Old+Standard+TT:regular,italic,bold|'Old Standard TT', serif]
[Open Sans Condensed|Open+Sans+Condensed:light,lightitalic|'Open Sans Condensed', sans-serif]
[Open Sans|Open+Sans:light,lightitalic,regular,regularitalic,600,600italic,bold,bolditalic,800,800italic|'Open Sans', sans-serif]
[Orbitron|Orbitron:regular,500,bold,900|'Orbitron', sans-serif]
[Oswald|Oswald|'Oswald', sans-serif]
[Over the Rainbow|Over+the+Rainbow|'Over the Rainbow', serif]
[Pacifico|Pacifico|'Pacifico', cursive, serif]
[Paytone One|Paytone+One|'Paytone One', sans-serif]
[Permanent Marker|Permanent+Marker|'Permanent Marker', cursive, serif]
[Philosopher|Philosopher|'Philosopher', serif]
[Play|Play:regular,bold|'Play', sans-serif]
[PT Sans|PT+Sans:regular,italic,bold,bolditalic|'PT Sans', sans-serif]
[PT Sans Caption|PT+Sans+Caption:regular,bold|'PT Sans Caption', sans-serif]
[PT Sans Narrow|PT+Sans+Narrow:regular,bold|'PT Sans Narrow', sans-serif]
[PT Serif|PT+Serif:regular,italic,bold,bolditalic|'PT Serif', serif]
[PT Serif Caption|PT+Serif+Caption:regular,italic|'PT Serif Caption', serif]
[Puritan|Puritan:regular,italic,bold,bolditalic|'Puritan', sans-serif]
[Quattrocento|Quattrocento|'Quattrocento', serif]
[Quattrocento Sans|Quattrocento+Sans|'Quattrocento Sans', sans-serif]
[Radley|Radley|'Radley', serif]
[Raleway|Raleway:100|'Raleway', sans-serif]
[Reenie Beanie|Reenie+Beanie|'Reenie Beanie', cursive, serif]
[Rock Salt|Rock+Salt|'Rock Salt', cursive, serif]
[Rokkitt|Rokkitt|'Rokkitt', serif]
[Schoolbell|Schoolbell|'Schoolbell', cursive, serif]
[Shanti|Shanti|'Shanti', sans-serif]
[Sigmar One|Sigmar+One|'Sigmar One', sans-serif]
[Six Caps|Six+Caps|'Six Caps', sans-serif]
[Slackey|Slackey|'Slackey', cursive, serif]
[Smythe|Smythe|'Smythe', serif]
[Sniglet|Sniglet:800|'Sniglet', cursive, serif]
[Special Elite|Special+Elite|'Special Elite', serif]
[Sue Ellen Francisco|Sue+Ellen+Francisco|'Sue Ellen Francisco', serif]
[Sunshiney|Sunshiney|'Sunshiney', cursive, serif]
[Swanky and Moo Moo|Swanky+and+Moo+Moo|'Swanky and Moo Moo', serif]
[Syncopate|Syncopate:regular,bold|'Syncopate', sans-serif]
[Tangerine|Tangerine:regular,bold|'Tangerine', cursive, serif]
[Terminal Dosis Light|Terminal+Dosis+Light|'Terminal Dosis Light', sans-serif]
[The Girl Next Door|The+Girl+Next+Door|'The Girl Next Door', serif]
[Tinos|Tinos:regular,italic,bold,bolditalic|'Tinos', serif]
[Ubuntu|Ubuntu:light,lightitalic,regular,italic,500,500italic,bold,bolditalic|'Ubuntu', sans-serif]
[Ultra|Ultra|'Ultra', serif]
[UnifrakturCook|UnifrakturCook:b|'UnifrakturCook', serif]
[UnifrakturMaguntia|UnifrakturMaguntia|'UnifrakturMaguntia', serif]
[Unkempt|Unkempt|'Unkempt', cursive, serif]
[VT323|VT323|'VT323', sans-serif]
[Vibur|Vibur|'Vibur', cursive, serif]
[Volkorn|Vollkorn:regular,italic,bold,bolditalic|'Vollkorn', serif]
[Waiting for the Sunrise|Waiting+for+the+Sunrise|'Waiting for the Sunrise', serif]
[Wallpoet|Wallpoet|'Wallpoet', sans-serif]
[Walter Turncoat|Walter+Turncoat|'Walter Turncoat', cursive, serif]
[Yanone Kaffeesatz|Yanone+Kaffeesatz:extralight,light,regular,bold|'Yanone Kaffeesatz', sans-serif]

Or you can copy/paste all 154 of these Google Font code snippets using the textarea content below: