Additional Google Font Code Snippets

As explained in  THIS ARTICLE you can easily add/remove Google Fonts in Dynamik using the "Add Google Fonts" option. On this page you will find additional Google Font code snippets based on specific "Best" or "Most Popular" or "My Favorite" Google Font blog posts found around the Internet.

Top 5 Recommended Google Font Combinations

1. Roboto Slab and Roboto

[Roboto Slab|Roboto+Slab|'Roboto Slab', serif]
[Roboto|Roboto|'Roboto', sans-serif]

2. Raleway and Merriweather

[Raleway|Raleway|'Raleway', sans-serif]
[Merriweather|Merriweather|'Merriweather', serif]

3. Lustria and Lato

[Lustria|Lustria|'Lustria', serif]
[Lato|Lato|'Lato', sans-serif]

4. Ubuntu and Lora

[Ubuntu|Ubuntu|'Ubuntu', sans-serif]
[Lora|Lora|'Lora', serif]

5. Quattrocento and Quattrocento Sans

[Quattrocento|Quattrocento|'Quattrocento', serif]
[Quattrocento Sans|Quattrocento+Sans|'Quattrocento Sans', sans-serif]

Or you can copy/paste all 10 of these Google Font code snippets using the textarea content below: