Create A Widgetized Static Homepage And Separate Blog Page (Solution #1)

One way to create a Widgetized Static Homepage and separate Blog Page is to use the Dynamik EZ Static Homepage feature and the Blog Page Template provided by the Genesis Framework.

Setup The Dynamik EZ Static Homepage:

1. Go to Dynamik Design > EZ > Static Homepage EZ-Widget Areas > "Homepage Type" and select "Static Homepage.

2. Then just below that option under "Static Homepage Structure" select your desired Widgetized structure.

3. Now save your changes and refresh your homepage and you should now see your Widgetized Static Homepage. Note that if you do not then you need to go to Settings > Reading in your WordPress Dashboard and make sure the "Front page displays" option is set to "Your latest posts".

4. Finally, to fill your Widgetized Static Homepage with content just go to Appearance > Widgets and drag any appropriate Widgets into your EZ Home Widget Areas.

Setup The Separate Blog Page:

1. Under "Pages" in your WordPress Dashboard click "Add New" to create a new Page.

2. Name your page whatever you like (i.e.. "Blog", "News", "Articles", etc..) and then assign it the "Blog" Page Template in the "Page Attributes" > "Templates" section to the right of the Page Editor.

3. Click "Publish" to publish your new blog page and then go to Appearance > Menus to assign it to the appropriate menu.

4. Finally, refresh the front-end of your site and you should now see a new blog page which should display your latest blog posts.