Does Genesis Extender have any special file permissions requirements or recommendations?

Please Note: The following suggestion requires that you have a /plugin/ folder located in your /wp-content/uploads/genesis-extender/ directory. This should be there by default after a successful installation/activation of Genesis Extender. If you do not have a /plugin/ folder in this location then download it from HERE, unzip in and then upload the unzipped /plugin/ folder into that /wp-content/uploads/genesis-extender/ directory. And if you don't have a /genesis-extender/ folder inside your /wp-content/uploads/ directory then you'll need to manually create that first, so you can place this /plugin/ folder inside it.

Also note that if you're on a WP Multisite Network and have sub-sites missing these files then these /plugin/ files should be uploaded to the uploads folder of each sub-site.


Genesis Extender takes on the folder and file permissions that WordPress uses by default which is 755 for folders and 644 for files.

It is only when certain users have servers with unusually strict or unusually configured permission settings that cause issues with Genesis Extender or the Image Uploader that we suggest changing very specific files to very specific permission settings as listed below.

Use a FTP program such as FileZilla to access your


directory and then change the folder permissions of the following folders to 777








Basically, the /genesis-extender/plugin/ folder and every folder inside of it should be set to a permission setting of 777 (but only if you're having these issues - otherwise 755 should be sufficient for most server setups).

Once you've successfully made these changes you should be able to use the Genesis Extender Import/Export and Image Uploader features without any permission errors as well as have your Front-end CSS Builder changes take effect (if you were having permission issues then your Genesis Extender Custom Stylesheet may not have been updating).

There are some rare cases where the server permissions are set in such a way that even the above does not fix the issue of the Extender/Custom functions/stylesheets not being able to be written to. In such cases you will need to adjust these file's permissions to 666. The specific files I'm referring to are:









If you've done the above and are still having trouble then please post the errors you're receiving and what you're doing to trigger them and we'll help troubleshoot the issue.