How does Genesis Extender deal with file permissions issues?

By default Genesis Extender leaves the server file permissions alone, letting the WordPress defaults of 755 for folders and 644 for files take effect. In some cases, however, 755 doesn't work with regard to Plugins such as Genesis Extender needing to be able to write to its /wp-content/uploads/genesis-extender/plugin/ directory. In such cases the usual cause is unusually strict or unique server file permission settings.

When Genesis Extender does run into these issues it first checks to see if it can adjust these file permissions itself. If it can then what it does is temporarily change the Genesis Extender inner folders to 777, just long enough to perform the writable task (eg. Import/Export, Image Upload, writing new styles, etc...). Once the task is finished it changes these permissions back to 755. So this means that in these rare cases that the server won't allow writing to these folders, Genesis Extender adjusts the permissions for a split second and then back again, helping to maintain the integrity of your server's security.

Sometimes, however, even Genesis Extender can't make these permissions adjustments, in which case you'll need to read the "Related Article" at the bottom of this page.