Basic Website Elements: Header

Header of your website

Includes two areas, the header left and header right. Header Left Header Right

Logo Options

To choose Dynamik Text or Image Logo

Dynamik Text - Styling Options

With Dynamik Website Builder, you can choose if you want Dynamik Text in place of a logo image.
  1. Choose the Dynamik Design Under the Genesis Options
  2. Click on the Header Tab
  3. You can control the font, size, and color of the Header Dynamik Text Title
  4. Header Dimensions allow you to divide your full header width between the Header Title area (the left side) and the Header Widget Area (the right side). You can also set the height of your header, which applies to both Header Title Area and the Header Widget areas.
  5. Header Text Title Padding allows you to control the Top and Left Padding for your Header Title Text and the top padding for the tagline, assuming you are displaying a tagline below your Dynamik Title Text.

Logo Image - Upload your logo image

  1. Dynamik --> Dynamik Options
  2. Image Uploader
  3. Choose Image file on your computer
  4. Click Upload Image Button
  5. It shows up with File Information

Insert Logo Image

  1. Dynamik --> Dynamik Options
  2. Select Header Tab
  3. Select Logo Image from DropDown (Shows images uploaded using the Image Uploader Tab)
  4. Save Changes