Basic Website Elements: Footer

With Dynamik for Genesis, by default your footer will have a return to top link on the left with the footer credits text on the right. We recommend using the Free Genesis Simple Edits Plugin to control your footer.
The Link to Shortcodes (#6 in the image) list the available shortcodes which provide you with control over the bits of content.

Footer Core Options

  1. Go to Genesis --> Simple Edits
  2. The Footer, Back To Top Link
  3. Footer Credits Area, default is Copyright, then the Child Theme Link, the Genesis Link, StudioPress Liink, WordPress Link, and the login/logout link.
  4. You can negate #2 and #3 and take full control of your footer area by toggling this box.
  5. This box is where you input the HTML markup you wish to use for your Footer Area.

Keep in mind that the footer area is separate from the EZ Fat Footer Widget Areas. You control their content under Appearance --> Widgets and on the far right you will see the EZ Fat Footer #__. The numbers range from 1 to 4 depending on what you chose under Dynamik Design --> EZ --> Fat Footer EZ-Widget Areas.