Basic Website Elements: Navigation

Covers the Navigation setup for WordPress using the Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis. For More on using the WordPress Menu, which is found in the WordPress backend, under Appearance --> Menu, Click Here.

Default Genesis Navigation Setup


This is found under Genesis --> Theme Settings. You then scroll down to the Box Named Navigation.

In order to use the navigation menus, you must build a custom menu, then assign it to the proper Menu Location.

  1. Primary Navigation, you can choose the fancy dropdowns and extras on the right side of the navigation bar.
  2. Secondary Navigation you can choose fancy dropdowns.

Custom Navbar 1

  1. Change the dropdown selection to Custom
  2. Click the Save Changes Button

Appearance --> Menus

  1. You must first create and name a custom menu for #2 to show.
  2. Genesis Supports 2 menus, Primary and Secondary Navigation

Using Menus

  1. Assign your new Navigation Bar to Primary Navigation
  2. Create Custom Menu Items by entering a URL and Label, then clicking Add to Menu button
  3. Toggle Pages or Categories to select to add to your Custom Menu
  4. Click Add to Menu to add the items
  5. Save Menu to commit additional menu items
  6. Simply drag-and-drop menu items to create dropdown menus. In the example above, team page is first level dropdown below About, while Services is a second level dropdown

Dropdowns example (#6 above) on the front of your website

  1. About is the Top Level Menu Item
  2. Team Page is the second level menu item
  3. Services is the third level menu item