Dynamik Skins

What Is A Dynamik Skin?

In its simplest form a Dynamik Skin is a pre-customization of the Dynamik Design Options. So by Importing a Dynamik Skin you can have your Design Options updated to reflect a particular site design, providing you with a kind of "design head start".

When a Skin is created the Skin designer simply creates their design using the hundreds of no-coding design options, possibly uploading some of their own custom images for backgrounds, icons, etc... and then Exports this design as a zip file ready for Import. So by Importing a Skin you are, in a way, having your Design Options instantly adjusted by a professional Dynamik web designer.

In addition to pre-customized Design Options and possibly some custom images the Skin designer may also include their own stylesheet, functions file and scripts to refine and enhance their Skin. This is invisible to the end-user, but these are files that can be included in the Skin zip file, along with the settings and images, ready to be Imported and applied to your Skin after Import is complete.

How To Import A Skin

Just go to Dynamik Design > Imp/Exp > Dynamik Skin Import/Export > Dynamik Skin Import and browse your computer for the appropriate Skin file and then click the "Import Skin" button to Import and activate the Skin.

Dynamik Skin Buttons...

Snapshot: Click this to take a "snapshot" of your current Dynamik Design Options. Hover over this button for a few seconds to see the current snapshot timestamp info.

Restore: Click this to restore your Dynamik Design Options to the exact state they were in when the current Snapshot was taken.

Activate: Click this to activate a Skin.

Delete: Click this to delete a Skin.

Note that the "Default" Skin cannot be deleted so it does not have a "Delete" button.

Skin Info

To view a Skin's name, version number and author just hover your mouse over it's screenshot image for a few seconds and this information will popup in view.