Using The ProductPress Skin To Learn Proper WooCommerce Integration With Dynamik

WooCommerce is an excellent eCommerce solution for WordPress. It's not only free, but supported and updated by a solid team of WordPress developers. And because of this we have many members who like to use it on their Genesis/Dynamik websites. So to help explain this integration process in a way that's easy to understand I designed a Dynamik Skin specifically for the WooCommerce Plugin. Now you can use this Skin to better understand the process.

To properly integrate WooCommerce with Dynamik you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure Dynamik is installed and activated.
  2. Import the ProductPress Skin.
  3. Download and then install and activate the WooCommerce Plugin.
  4. Install and activate the Genesis Connect For WooCommerce Plugin.

At this point WooCommerce is installed and ready to go, you just need to tweak your WooCommerce settings to your specific needs and then start creating "Products". You may find these 3rd party tutorials helpful:

If you want to completely emulate the ProductPress Skin's demo site then you can do so by following  THESE INSTRUCTIONS.