Custom Logo Support

There are many ways to add a custom logo through WordPress, but Freelancer took the more conventional approach of housing a logo image inside the theme's /images/ directory and displaying it through an action hook into the appropriate header area.

To add a Custom Logo just upload your logo file into your Child Theme's /images/ folder and then go to the Freelancer Settings admin page and select the "Custom Logo Support?" checkbox to enable this functionality. When you do this a few more appropriate options will display. Use those options to select your custom logo image (the one you uploaded into your /images/ folder) and then set the Custom Logo Width and Custom Logo Height appropriately. Note that it is ideal to use a logo image that is exactly twice the dimensions of your intended logo image size to ensure that it looks crisp on HD displays. So if you've done this then be sure to set those Logo Width/Height values to the size that you want your logo to display, not the double-size of your actual logo.

From here you may want to also select either or both of the options to remove the Site Title and Description, but that all depends on your design needs. In some cases you may want to use the logo as a way of complimenting your title/description text, while in other cases you may simply want to replace them. Or maybe you want to just replace your title text with a logo image, but keep the description text. It's up to you. Just note that depending on your configuration you may or may not need to tweak your Child Theme's stylesheet a bit to best accommodate your custom logo setup.

Note: When you remove your Site Title and/or Description through these options it physically removes them and does not simply hide them through display:none; or text-indent CSS. This was done intentionally to help keep the HTML markup most positively presentable to search engines.