Static Homepage EZ-Widget Areas

EZ Widget Area Layout Naming Convention

For any of the following EZ Widget Areas, you are provided with a drop-down menu to select the desired Layout. The Layouts are named according to the number of horizontal Widget Areas. So, for example, home_2_3_3 means that you are selecting one of the Static Homepage Layouts with 2 Horizontal Widget Areas at the Top, 3 in the Middle and 3 in the Bottom of the page.

Homepage EZ Widget Areas

WordPress Default Homepage = Either a list of blog posts or whatever you set as your "Static page" in Settings > Reading.
Static Homepage = The front-page.php file in the Dynamik Child Theme kicks in and allows you to display any one of the selected Static Homepage Layouts below.
Static Homepage Sidebar = A Home Sidebar Widget Area that only displays when the above Homepage Type is set to "Static Homepage".
Homepage Slider = A Home Slider Widget Area that, when set to "Activate", will display on the Homepage, regardless of whether or not you are using the Static Homepage feature.

Feature Top EZ Widget Areas

The Feature Top EZ Widget Areas are displayed just above your Content and Sidebars.

Fat Footer EZ Widget Areas

The Fat Footer Widget Areas are displayed just after your Content and Sidebars.