Resolving Windows Localhost Server Apache Issues

Note that the following solution is not just relevant to Dynamik only, but to ANY Theme or Plugin that is running into this issue.

On some Windows localhost servers (such as XAMPP, or DesktopServer which uses XAMPP) you may find that Apache crashes when you try to activate Dynamik Website Builder. You may see a popup error that says something like "Apache HTTP Server has stopped working".

In such cases you're likely running into an issue that is described in  THIS STACK OVERFLOW POST (quoted below):

"This problem happens more often on Windows platform, because of smaller Apache's default stack size. There is 1 MB default stack size on Windows, unlike 8 MB on Unix/Linux platforms. It could be a reason, why some for example PHP scripts works properly on Linux, but cause crash of Apache on Windows."

Basically what's happening is that certain PHP expressions in Dynamik that have no issues properly running on the default 8mb Linux Apache stack size are causing Windows Apache to crash when trying to execute on their much smaller 1mb default stack size. So the simple solution is to increase the Apache stack size in Windows to 8mb so it matches that of Linux Apache.

To do this all you need to do is edit your Windows Apache httpd.conf file, pasting the following code to the end of that file.

Note that if you are using XAMPP you should be able to edit your httpd.conf file through the XAMPP Control Panel like so:

Once saved you just need to restart Apache ("Stop" then "Start") and then you should be all set, with Dynamik now able to activate and function properly.