Dynamik Design Snapshot

Creating A Snapshot of Your Dynamik Design:

You'll notice in Dynamik Design > Skins, located at the bottom of your currently active Skin, two buttons: "Restore" and "Snapshot". These allow you to take a snapshot (essentially a "backup") of your current Design Options, and then restore them if and when you need to. Note that an initial snapshot is taken upon the creation or cloning of a Skin.
TIP #1: This is a great tool for getting to a good place in your design, taking a Snapshot and then trying some different design changes that may or may not work out. If they do, great! If not, just restore back to your Snapshot and move on.
TIP #2: Though this can certainly be used as a simple backup solution for your Dynamik Design Settings it's really not ideal for this. If your website's database were to ever become corrupt this would most likely effect ALL your Dynamik/WordPress settings, destroying this Snapshot. The best way to backup your Design Options using the tools Dynamik provides is with a Dynamik Design Export.