Child Theme Creator

The Child Theme Creator features provide you with time-saving tools that really speed up and simplify the Child Theme creation process. Normally, when creating a custom Child Theme you’d first need to download a starter Child Theme, rename the main folder, edit various bits of information in the various files provided by the starter theme, then upload the files to your site’s /themes/ directory, and finally got to your Appearance > Themes area to activate it. But with the Themer Pro Child Theme Creator feature you simply fill out the provided form fields and then click the “Create Child Theme” button, and within seconds you’ll be provided a link that takes you to Appearance > Themes where your newly created, appropriately-edited, Child Theme is waiting to be activated.

Also available is the ability to upload your own custom screenshot image during the process, as well as the ability to “clone” the currently active child theme, meaning that the same process above occurs, but with the currently activate Child Theme as the “starter theme”.

And finally, when you just need to zip and download your currently activate Child Theme you can do this with the single click of the “Download Child Theme” button.