How To Install Instant IDE

Because Instant IDE is a completely stand-alone piece of web software it can be installed two different ways, either directly through FTP or with the click of a button through the Instant IDE Manager Plugin.

Installing Instant IDE Through FTP:

The complete Instant IDE application is located in the /ide/ directory of the Instant IDE Manager Plugin. So to install Instant IDE directly through FTP just upload that /instant-ide-manager/ide/instant-ide/ directory to the root of your website. At this point you can either rename that /instant-ide/ directory or leave it as is. It’s up to you. From there you would navigate to that directory through your browser at which time you will be presented with a simple user account setup form. Fill in and submit that form and then login to Instant IDE on the page that follows, using the same user credentials that you just used to setup the account.

Installing Instant IDE Through The Instant IDE Manager Plugin:

Install and activate the Instant IDE Manager Plugin in your WordPress powered website. Then navigate to your “Instant IDE” WordPress admin page inside your WordPress Dashboard. From there you can either rename the Instant IDE directory prior to installation or simply leave it set to the current randomly named directory (for greater security). Then just click the “Install Instant IDE” button. Within a second or two you should be presented with the Instant IDE User Account Setup form inside the “Instant IDE Viewer” section. Just fill out and submit that form and then login using those same credentials on the login page that follows. Once logged in you’ll be presented with a link to view Instant IDE in a new tab. Just click that and go!