How The Dynamik Skins Feature Works

The Dynamik Design > Skins feature provides a solid foundation for compartmentalizing your various stages of design as well as Importing and utilizing the many pre-customized designs offered as “Premium Dynamik Skins“. And if you’re just importing designs and using them as-is you may not need to know any more that. However, for those wanting to create their own Custom Dynamik Skins or just those who are interested in knowing a bit more about how these Skins function, the following screencast should be a useful clarification.

A Few Other Details #

Skin Screenshot Info:

-Name the file skin-screenshot.png

-Resize it to 600px by 450px

-If you upload your skin-screenshot.png file using the Dynamik Image Uploader it will then be properly included with your Exported Skin, but you can also just manually add it into your /wp-content/uploads/dynamik-gen/skins/your-skin-name/ directory.

What’s included with the Skin Export:

When you Export a Dynamik Skin it will not only include a .dat file with all your current Dynamik Design Options and any images found in your Dynamik Image Uploader, but it will include any of the following files if found in your /wp-content/uploads/dynamik-gen/skins/your-skin-name/ directory: style.css, functions.php, scripts.js

Sample Skin #

Feel free to download and dissect this “Sample Skin” which is essentially the default Dynamik design while also including style.css, functions.php and scripts.js files in their most basic form. This can also be used as a solid starting point for creating your own Custom Skins, Importing it and then using the Dynamik Design > Skins > “Create & Activate” button/feature to create your own version with its own name, while pulling over all the files mentioned. Then you can just delete the “Sample Skin” (which will be deactivated at this point) and then start tweaking away.