Dynamik Custom Functions

Custom PHP Functions #

In Dynamik Custom > Custom Functions you will find a simple solution for adding your own Custom PHP code to your site.

Affect Admin? #

By default the Custom Functions you add below will only affect the front-end of your site to help prevent accidentally “breaking” your website with some bad code. But if you’re confident in your coding abilities you can check this box to have your functions affect the Dashboard area (back-end admin section) as well.

What If I Do “Break” My Site? #

If you’ve enabled the “Affect Admin” option and end up adding some code that temporarily “breaks” your site you can fix this by removing the bad code from your /wp-content/uploads/dynamik-gen/theme/custom-functions.php file, and then removing that same bad code from your Dynamik Custom > Custom Functions. Manually updating the custom-functions.php file gets you back into your WP Dashboard while updating your Custom Functions options helps prevent your site from re-breaking after saving your changes.