Freelancer Child Theme Setup

Once you’ve installed and activated a Freelancer Child Theme you’ll want to tweak some things to get it ready to start customizing. By default the core bits are in place and there are helpful comments and commented out code snippets in place to guide you along the way, but below I just want to clarify what all the code and files are there fore so you can confidently customize to your heart’s content.

The first thing you’ll notice is the include_once code for the Freelancer Framework’s init.php file. That loads up all the Freelancer functionality so it’s made fully available for the Child Theme.

Next you have another include_once that pulls in the theme-defaults.php file which allows you to set your own custom Freelancer “Theme Settings” defaults. You can learn more about this functionality by referencing the appropriate link in the “RELATED ARTICLES” below.

Now we come to some defined constants. These allow you to set your Child Theme’s name, theme url, and version number. So simply edit these values appropriately as needed.

Then we come to some commented out code snippets. These are there to help speed up the configuration process as well as explain how some of the additional setup can be accomplished. So either uncomment these as needed, or leave them alone, or just delete them completely.

Finally we have the enqueue scripts functionality. This allows you to control what styles and scripts (including custom fonts and icons) are added to your site for design customization purposes. Again, there are some commented out bits and general comments that are there to help in this configuration process, so use those as needed or get rid of whatever you don’t have a use for.

Beyond that it’s just a matter of tweaking the stylesheet for design changes as well as adding your own custom functions and/or scripts to further customize the design of your site. And of course this is just the basic setup of your Child Theme and with no tools to help in process. Plugins like Freelancer DevKit, for example, can help speed up this process significantly as well as provide powerful customization tools at the same time.

For further insight into how you can customize your Freelancer Child Theme be sure to reference the related articles below.