Dynamik Journal Skin Demo Setup

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The following are instructions on how to setup your site just like the Dynamik Journal Skin demo site. For the most part it’s a matter of activating the same Plugins and copy/pasting the Widget content to the appropriate places based on the code provided below.

WordPress Plugins Used:

(Note that you will only need to use the Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin if you are using Images that have already been uploaded prior to Importing this Skin)

Demo Widget Content (if image URLs are used, edit them to match your own site address):

* Below you will find all of the custom content used to
* create the demo site for the Dynamik Journal Skin.
WordPress Menu Setup: Assign a menu to the "Primary Navigation Menu" as well as the Genesis "Header Right" Widget Area as stated below.
== BEGIN Widget Area Info ==
Widget Area: Header Right
Widget Type: Navigation Menu
Setup: Select Menu
== END Widget Area Info ==
== BEGIN Widget Area Info ==
Widget Areas:
EZ Home Top #1
NOTE: EZ Home Top #2 uses a different Widget as noted in its own "Info" setction below this one.
EZ Home Middle #1
EZ Home Middle #2
EZ Home Middle #3
EZ Home Bottom #1
EZ Home Bottom #2
EZ Home Bottom #3
Widget Type: Genesis Featured Post
Widget Title: EMPTY
Setup: (The same for each Widget Area noted above)
Select "Show Featued Image"
Image Size = hp-post-image (400x270)
Image Alignment = Left
Select "Show Post Title"
Show Content Limit
Limit content to 350 characters
NOTE: The one difference between each Widget setup is that you need to appropriately set the "Number of Posts to Offset" option.
The first Widget should be set to "0" and then each consecutive Widget should be set one number higher (i.e.. "1" then "2" then "3" and so on)
== END Widget Area Info ==
== BEGIN Widget Area Info ==
Widget Area: EZ Home Top #2
Widget Type: Genesis eNews Extended
Widget Title: Join Our Newsletter
Setup: Add your own Form Action code
Button Text = Sign Up
== END Widget Area Info ==