Freelancer Layouts

Freelancer provides the following default layouts:

  • Right Sidebar
  • Left Sidebar
  • No Sidebar
  • No Sidebar Narrow

These can be easily assigned through the Freelancer Settings admin page, as well as the Freelancer In-Post/Page/Custom Post Type meta options. In the Theme Settings page you have the ability to set both the “Pages” layout as well as the “non-pages” (Site) layout. The former is specific to WordPress Pages only, while the latter is for everything else that is not otherwise defined. In addition to the Theme Settings layout options Freelancer offers the ability to set specific layouts in specific pages, posts, and custom post types, through In-Post meta options.

The combination of these Freelancer Layout options provides you with a solid, yet purposefully simple, set of layout options to get the bulk of the layout setup out of the way quickly. For more in-depth layout customization you can use the freelancer_layout function and filter as explained in the tutorial noted in the “RELATED ARTICLES” below.