Getting And Defining Freelancer Layouts

Freelancer provides a helper function called freelancer_layout() that makes it super easy to either get or define a Freelancer Layout. Freelancer offers the following default layouts (listed in “Name” – “value” – “value function” format below, for your reference):

  • Right Sidebar – right_sidebar – freelancer_return_right_sidebar
  • Left Sidebar – left_sidebar – freelancer_return_left_sidebar
  • No Sidebar – no_sidebar – freelancer_return_no_sidebar
  • No Sidebar Narrow – no_sidebar_narrow – freelancer_return_no_sidebar_narrow

As mentioned above you can use the freelancer_layout() function to either get or define a Freelancer Layout. This means if you need to know what layout is assigned to a specific page you would do something like this:

$current_layout = freelancer_layout();

Or if you wanted to assign a specific layout to a page you’d do something like this:

add_filter( 'freelancer_layout', 'freelancer_return_right_sidebar' );

Note the use of the freelancer_layout filter hook as well as the freelancer_return_right_sidebar() function. Freelancer provides a simple helper function for each available layout as mentioned in the layout list above. So if you wanted to change the above filtered layout to a No Sidebar Narrow layout configuration then you’d simply change the callback function like so:

add_filter( 'freelancer_layout', 'freelancer_return_no_sidebar_narrow' );

So in a page template, for example, you could just paste one of the above example snippets into the template file and it should “force” that layout into any page using that template.