What To Do If You Forget Your Admin Access Pin Number

An Instant IDE Manager feature added in version 1.1.0 is the ability to protect your Instant IDE Manager admin area by way of a secure pin number. But what happens if you forget that pin and can’t access your iIDE Manager admin? All you need to do is temporarily edit a link of code, and here’s how you do it…

Through FTP (or Instant IDE if you have access to it) locate the /wp-content/plugins/instant-ide-manager/lib/admin/settings.php file and open it to edit. Near the top of that file, just inside the instant_ide_manager_settings() function you’ll find this line of code: $temp_access = false;

Simply change that value from “false” to “true”. Once you’ve saved your changes you should now be able to access your Instant IDE Manager admin area to either view, edit, or delete your current pin. Just be sure to change the value of the code snippet above back to “false” when you’re done.