How To Setup Your Site Just Like A Dynamik Skin Demo

Please note that this information is specifically relevant to the Dynamik Skins found in your “My Account” page on and not 3rd party Skins.

When importing an official Cobalt Apps Dynamik Skin you may decide that you want to start by duplicating the same content and setup found on the demo site for that particular Skin. In such cases you can do so fairly quickly and easily be following the steps below:

  1. Make sure Dynamik Website Builder is currently active and that your Skin has been successfully Imported.
  2. Install and activate the free “Widget Importer & Exporter” Plugin so you can Import the Widget Content.
  3. Download the attached Gravity Forms and Skin-specific zip files (so you are downloading 2 zip files in total) and unzip them on your computer to reveal the files inside.
  4. Import the appropriate files to Import the demo content. Please note that the Gravity Forms Import file will only work with the Gravity Forms Plugin so if you do not own that Plugin and have it installed you will have to use another contact form Plugin and set it up manually. Also note that importing the WordPress Import file is done through your Tools > Import admin page.

And that should just about do it. From there you should have a site that looks very similar to the demo site other than any differences to your particular setup such as additional pages/posts/plugins/etc… (note: the “Pricing Page” uses the Easy Pricing Tables Plugin) (note: this Skin uses the WooCommerce Plugin) (note: this Skin uses the Simple Social Icons Plugin) (note: this Skin uses the WooCommerce Plugin) (note: under your Genesis > Theme Settings be sure to set your “Default Layout” to a left sidebar)